eyebrow hair transplant in DHA lahore

Eyebrow Transplant

Follicular unit extraction eyebrow clinic DHA Lahore where an experienced , board certified surgeon performs the procedure. It is a specific type of hair transplant surgery. In this surgery, individual hair follicles are removed from the skin and then transplanted to a new location on the body.The basis for this method’s success is that the arrector muscle’s most robust attachment to the follicular unit allows the removal of whole follicles. The dermis is initially relaxed and separated from the attachment site before eyebrow can begin. This dissection makes it simple to remove the follicular unit’s basal part.

eyebrow hair transplant in lahore

What is the Eyebrow transplant procedure all about?

Administration of local infiltration anesthetic is performed at the outset to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the hair transplant treatment. Individual grafts are carefully regained from the donor area using a micro punch tool with a tip diameter of 0.6 to 0.85 mm. Once the follicles have been retrieved, the best hair transplant doctor makes a series of tiny punctures. This is done with a needle or another sharp instrument at the recipient spot where they will be transplanted. The retrieved grafts are implanted into the tiny incisions, root-side down, ensuring they face the right way. After the implantation of grafts, cleansing of the surgical site occurs. Appropriate bandages help to speed the patient’s recovery.

Which areas are targeted in the Eyebrow procedure?

The scalp is where baldness treatment in Lahore is most common to treat. Eyebrow is not restricted to areas of the scalp where hair is thinning or completely absent. They are easy to perform on the body’s extremities and genitalia.

List of suitable candidates who can consider

Patients who want to wear short hair but are unable tolerate a linear scar may be good candidates for Eyebrow transplant. Patients with minor hair loss or needing occasional treatments should choose this method. Candidates for hair transplant include patients with androgenetic alopecia in the Norwood class 3 pattern or with a tiny balding region on the vertex. Scarring from conventional strip excisions is easy to reduce by using Eyebrow. This treatment is an option for people with too tight skin to undergo a strip excision. Scarring from dermatological disorders, trauma, or neurosurgery are all acceptable indications for Eyebrow. It is an option for patients who, following surgery, will likely have a large or thick linear scar. Athletes who need to get back into things right after surgery should consider a Eyebrow transplant. It could be a good option for patients concerned about pain or scarring.

Tips for aftercare candidates should follow

Stay away from alcohol for a few days following surgery to avoid blood thinning. This can slow recovery. Vitamins, ibuprofen, and arthritis drugs should be avoided in the first few days. They can thin the blood and increase the risk of severe bleeding. Take any pain killers, antibiotics, and prednisone precisely as directed. It would help if you avoid any strenuous physical activity for the next week. Whenever feasible, prop yourself up by propping your feet up. Apply gentle pressure with a wet, clean cloth if bleeding is minimal. You should not blow-dry your hair with hot air for at least five days after surgery.

Baldness treatment latest technique

Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) is a subset of Eyebrow in which a punch with a ‘ stop’ regulates the penetration depth. This word describes situations where the complete hair unit is not part of it. The Eyebrow Matic machine is an automated system created to help doctors when they do hair transplants. It facilitates the rapid removal of grafts within a constrained time window. However, this technique has a greater chance of graft injury because of the additional straining and twisting. In hair transplantation using robotic procedures, the Eyebrow transplant clinic in Lahore guides the automated device during the first half of the operation. Patients with dark, straight hair are most suited for the AARTAS system, widely used for robotic hair transplants. These developments in Eyebrow have made hair transplants more effective and less invasive.

Does this hair transplant cause pain?

Using an anesthetic ensures that the Follicular unit extraction process is painless for the patient. Although headaches are uncommon, it is usual for some people to have them following the procedure. In contrast, most patients report feeling little to no discomfort while the healing continues in the following days.

How long does this surgery take to perform?

The average time for the process is between 6 and 8 hours. Women can get hair transplants, specifically Eyebrow, if they need them. Genetic female pattern hair loss can be more challenging to identify in women than male pattern baldness, as can its underlying cause.

Do scars occur after a hair transplant?

Scarring is very concealable using this method. This contrasts with the conventional strip procedure, whereby the grafts are removed individually, rendering stitches unnecessary. After the operation, the scalp usually recovers within two weeks. New hair growth within three to four months indicates the transplant was effective.

How long does it take for new hair to grow after a transplant?

Sixty to seventy percent of transplanted hairs begin to sprout between three and six months after the procedure. Their look depends on how well you take care of them. After a year, most implanted hairs will have grown and thickened to seem more like natural hair.

Tips before treatment the candidates should follow

Do not take any blood-thinning agents vitamins or supplements two weeks before the operation. NSAIDs and aspirin thin the blood, so you should avoid taking either. Tea and protein shakes, which may thin the blood, should be avoided. Avoid consuming any alcohol, as it thins the blood. A week before the operation, to protect your platelets, which help your blood clot, you should stop jogging, running, and lifting weights. In the days leading up to the operations, get enough of shut-eye every night to refresh yourself. Wash your hair with shampoo, paying particular care to your scalp. Eat a healthy breakfast to provide yourself with energy for the surgery.


The Eyebrow transplant success rate is exceptionally high, at 95% to 100%. A successful hair transplant through the best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore requires 60-70 percent of the grafts to survive. This high success rate is not limited to the top of the head. It guarantees full and healthy hair growth for all transplanted areas.

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