FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore: How Does this Transplant Work?

The FUE technique has exploded in popularity because it does not need cutting out and replanting large sections of the patient’s scalp to transplant hair. This was how hair transplant was done in the past, and although some locations will still offer it. The strip method is considered obsolete because of the innovations that FUE technology has brought to the table.

Since the donor follicles were harvested from the recipient’s permanent hair zone, they will not succumb to the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone causes hair thinning on the crown and frontal regions of the scalp in men.

These innovations allow patients to get more realistic outcomes, but ultimately, it all comes down to your chosen surgeon. You should find a physician who is well-versed in hair transplantation and has experience treating hair loss. Dermatologists are experts in skin, hair, and nail diseases. As a result, they have extensive knowledge of alopecia. Many of these places also do transplants and can advise you on whether or not this procedure is right for you.

FUE procedure by hair transplant clinic in Lahore

An FUE procedure by hair transplant clinic in Lahore usually takes between 6 and 8 hours. A local anaesthetic will be administered to dull any discomfort. Patients need to stay in our office for 6-8 hours. Most people would describe the process as uncomfortable rather than painful. Well, most people tune out the procedure by listening to music, dozing off, or watching television.

The time it takes for the area where the hair was removed to heal can vary depending on the person’s skin type. Surgical recovery from the strip graft procedure took about a week, and the resulting scar was unattractive. Still, with the FUE approach, patients can return to regular activities in only a few days.

Because there is no need for stitches or sutures, healing is accelerated. Even the follow-up maintenance of FUE hair transplant in Lahore is easy.

How soon can you expect to see results with FUE?

Hair transplants usually lose their viability between weeks 2 and 4. But new growth begins between months 4 and 6. After 9–12 months, total outcomes should be visible, and adoption should be stable.

Remember that, like tiny seeds in garden, not all transplanted hair follicles will survive. Yet, the success rate of FUE hair transplant in Lahore is exceptionally high, at over 90%.

Your best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore will start the procedure by plucking off any healthy strands. Your dermatologist can remove healthy hair in one of two ways. First is, snipping off a section of the scalp containing strands or plucking each hair out individually. This will give you a natural look. Although it’s much more laborious, the second choice won’t leave a tiny scar on your scalp. This might work for you if you’re a fan of buzz cuts or other closely cropped hairstyles. 

Pre-procedure instructions you should follow

Avoid taking any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Ibuprofen) without prescription ofhair transplant clinic in Lahore. Do not consume any alcoholic beverages. Avoid exposing yourself to excessive sunlight in the days leading up to your surgery. Smoking might slow recovery. You shouldn’t light up in the week leading up to or following your treatment.

Post-procedure instructions to follow

Keep your head raised on pillows or in a recliner for the first couple of nights to reduce fluid retention. To minimize swelling in FUE and the risk of graft loss or injury, you should take it easy for the first week after surgery. For the first two weeks, avoid spending more than 30 minutes in direct sunlight on your scalp at a time. A hat is sufficient headwear for protection.

Individualized transplant care with Dense Hair Zone

Dense Hair Zone is committed to providing you with the individualized care and state-of-the-art methods for hair restoration that you need. Our qualified staff is dedicated to delivering enduring results that seem entirely natural.

Well, our clinic needs more space for quacks and technicians, and an expert surgeon himself does every part of the operation. We promise that every one of our services will be of the highest possible standard. Please get in touch with us immediately to schedule an appointment.

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